6 easy steps to create a blog with bluehost

3. Enter Your Account Information

Once you successfully choose a website name that isn’t taken and hit “next”, you’re delivered to a screen to fill out more information. the primary section to fill out is that the “Account Information”. Here you’ll fill out things like your name, address, city/state, email address, etc. confirm you enter a legitimate email address because your receipt and other important information are going to be sent there.

4. Enter Your Package Information

The next section to fill out is your “Package Information”. Whatever plan you chose within the beginning should already be filled call at the primary box. confine mind that the most cost-effective route to travel is to buy 36 months (3 years) upfront. However, if you would like to only buy hosting for 1 or 2 years, you’ll choose a 12 month or 24-month plan, but your cost will go up a couple of dollars per month. Next, you’ve got an array of additional options that you simply can choose. These include things like Domain Privacy, Site Backup, SiteLock Security, etc. the sole extra option that i might recommend would be “Domain Privacy Protection”. Leave the others unchecked and I’ll explain Domain Privacy below.

If you check the “Domain Privacy Protection” it means you’ll be shielded from a WHOIS lookup on your site. If you’re unacquainted what a WHOIS lookup is, I’ll attempt to explain it. you’ll attend variety of web sites that have a WHOIS lookup and sort during a name like “somesite.com”. If that name is registered by someone and that they don’t have Domain Privacy, then their personal information are going to be shown to the person looking it up. However ,if you’ve got Domain Privacy and someone does a WHOIS lookup, then it just shows generic made-up information and none of that information are often tracked to the one that actually owns the location . See the instance below:

Without Domain Privacy

John Smith
5548 Wildberry Ln
Chicago IL
Tel +1.608.555.1923

With Domain Privacy

Domain Admin
ID#12345, PO Box 16
Nobby Beach
Tel +45.36946676

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